End of April Update!

Saturday April 27th at 2PM Russian pianist and Steinway Artist Zoya Shuhatovich will perform a solo recital and give a master class. We look forward to having her! After the recital we will have a reception, the master class will follow.



Schubert Impromptu op 142 F minor
Beethoven Capriccio Rage over the lost penny op 129
Chopin Nocturne op 72# 1
Chopin Five Mazurkas:
Op 6# 4 C# minor; Op 24 # 4 F minor ;
Op 63 C# minor; Op 33# 4 B minor; Op 50 # 3 C# minor
Chopin Andante Spianato and Grande Polonaise Brilliante Op 22

Next week we will have auditions for the second Adam’s Music House Fellowship. We look forward to hearing and meeting with the applicants!

Sunday May 12th at 2PM our Artistic Director Dr. Anthony Tobin will give a performance of the Bach e minor toccata, the Mozart Sonata in c minor, and the Debussy Preludes Book I.

Sophia Gilmson Class

We were thrilled to have Sophia Gilmson return from UT Austin for a master class. She handled the range of students and repertoire wonderfully and gave technical and musical advice that is applicable at any time, not only relevant for the moment when the student played. We really appreciate her generosity with wisdom and time!

Artistic Director and Steinway Artist Dr. Anthony Tobin will give a master class Saturday March 23rd from 2-430PM.

Pianist Zoya Shuhatovich will give a recital followed by a master class Saturday April 27th from 2-445.

Spring 2019 at Adam’s Music House

Dr. Anthony Tobin’s performance of the Debussy Preludes Book I was met by a full and appreciative audience February 24th.

2/24/19 Dr. Tobin film viewing.

Saturday March 24th from 2-4:30PM Sophia Gilmson will give an encore master class.

Saturday March 23rd fro 2-4PM Dr. Anthony Tobin, Artistic Director at Adam’s Music House, will give a master class.

Thursday April 4th at 7PM Guitarist Tony Morris, host of Classical Guitar Alive, will give a solo performance.

Adam’s Music House Fellowship 2019

Adam’s Music House is pleased to announce the second annual Adam’s Music House Piano Fellowship, September 2019-Early December 2019.
Auditions to be held during April 2019

Selection Requirements:
Complete an interview/audition at Adam’s Music House Prepare two substantial works of contrasting style and musical period.
Examples include a Sonata by Beethoven, Chopin, Prokofiev, a larger work like a Chopin Scherzo or Ballade, a set of Rachmaninoff Preludes, works by Debussy, Liszt, Ravel, Schumann, Brahms, a multi-movement work by Bach.

Fellowship Requirements:
1-Prepare a 30 minute recital of pieces by Max Reger and a 30 minute lecture discussing the pieces chosen. Music will be chosen from the collection at Adam’s Music House.

2-The presentation of both will be in early December at Adam’s Music House, 6007 Belfast, Austin TX. 78723. (www.adamsmusichouse.org)

3-Appear at a reception in mid-September, perform a short program of two contrasting works, discuss plans for the recital and lecture.
4-During September, October, and November attend 2 sessions per month with pianist Dr. Anthony Tobin (www.anthonytobin.net) to work on pieces and the lecture. 

This is to ensure that progress is made toward the recital and lecture and to help make the process one of discovery and thoughtful consideration.

Advanced students from high school through adults.
We especially encourage advanced high school students and serious adults.

Ability to self-motivate to prepare a 30 minute program and 30 minute lecture that illuminates the music and composer for a general audience with some knowledge of classical music.
Desire to work with the music and space at Adam’s Music House.
Desire and ability to meet with the public to describe the work done for the Adam’s Music House Fellowship.

$3000 stipend, $1500 to be paid in September 2019 and $1500 upon completion of the lecture recital in December 2019.
Ability to work with the musical collection and pianos at Adam’s Music House.
Guidance and suggestions from pianist Dr. Anthony Tobin and the Adam’s Music House community.

The first fellowship recipient, Enrique Rangel, performed Mednter’s Opus 38.
Listen to his performance of the Sonata from that set:

To learn more about Adams Music House visit: https://adamsmusichouse.org/
To hear the December 2018 KMFA Radio interview with Joe Bratcher and Dr. Anthony Tobin visit:

Enrique Rangel Performs Forgotten Melodies, Op. 38: No. 6. Canzona Serenata

Enrique Rangel Performs Forgotten Melodies, Op. 38: No. 6. Canzona Serenata

This week we’re posting Enrique Rangel’s performance of Forgotten Melodies, Op. 38: No. 6 Canzona Serenata

Check out our YouTube channel for Enrique’s lecture & previous videos from this series:

Op. 38: No. 1. Sonata-Reminiscenza 

Op. 38: No. 2. Danza graziosa

Op. 38: No. 3. Danza festiva

Op. 38: No. 4. Canzona fluviala

Op. 38: No. 6. Canzona Serenata

Stay tuned for more every Wednesday!

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Kiyoshi Tamagawa Master Class

We were very pleased to have Dr. Kiyoshi Tamagawa from Southwestern University give a master class for 5 very good students!


Hector – Mozart K 547a
Bridget Hoang – Chopin Impromptu in G-flat Major
Andrew Van – Bartok Bear Dance
Anastasia Loiko – Rachmaninoff Prelude Op.3 No. 2
Jacob Preece – Rachmaninoff Prelude in b minor Opus 32#10

We look forward to Sophia Gilmson’s master class Saturday March 2nd from 2-4PM and to Dr. Anthony Tobin presentation of his new film and the First Book of the Debussy Preludes, Sunday February 24th at 4PM.