Welcome to Adam’s Music House

Adam’s Music House would like to offer a grand welcome to everybody who loves music: especially classical piano music. To explore, to learn, to love the piano is what we are here to share with the community.

Adam’s Music House is home to a collection of some of the great works in music literature: from the complete works of Max Reger, to the piano sonatas of Vincent Persichetti, to piano reductions of Mahler symphonies. With a reference library of close to 1,000 books and a collection of 5,000 CDs the musical exploration is even a greater adventure. And last, but certainly not least, are two Bösendorfer grand pianos just waiting for teaching and performance.

Please join us in our love and celebration of the piano at Adam’s Music House by attending a master class, a recital, or continuing your research into the classical piano repertoire. We will be in touch on social media with updates about events and surprises!

For the Love of the Piano,

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