Adam’s Music House is happy to welcome students for this fall! We have a limited number of space available for students of all ages and abilities. Please contact us for more information and to schedule an interview!

The master class Dr. Anthony Tobin gave the Laredo students from TAMIU on Saturday October 20th was fun and productive! We had two session, 4 students before dinner and 3 after and did not finish until 11PM! Dr. Tobin has been invited to give a recital and class in Laredo this spring and show his new Debussy film.


Saturday October 27th at 2PM Dr. Bradley Bolen from Baylor University will give a master class. We are looking forward!


Esteemed Professor Sophia Gilmson from UT Austin performed an interesting lecture-recital of Shostakovich and Bach Preludes and Fugues October 13th. She will perform them at UT-Austin Butler School of Music Austin later in the season on February 10th. In her own words:

Since my early youth, polyphony and counterpoint have been at the center of my musical universe. Development of tonality throughout the centuries has been equally fascinating.  Exploring selected Preludes and Fugues by J. S. Bach and Shostakovich written more than 200 years apart will allow us a glimpse into these two musical and philosophical mysteries.

Prelude and Fugue C Major, WTC Bk. 1 (1722) J.S. Bach (1685-1750)
Prelude and Fugue C Major, op. 87 (1951) Shostakovich (1906-1975)

Prelude and Fugue E flat/D sharp minor, WTC Bk. 1 J.S. Bach
Prelude and Fugue E flat minor Shostakovich

Prelude and Fugue C sharp Major, WTC Bk. 2 (1742) J.S. Bach
Prelude and Fugue D flat Major Shostakovich


Enrique Rangel, the first Adam’s Music House fellowship recipient, is coming along in his studies with Dr. Anthony Tobin of Opus 38 of Nicolai Medtner. He appeared for a welcome performance and reception Sunday September 23rd at 4PM. Mark your calendars and prepare to hear the Opus 38 Sonata!


During the months of September and October Dr. Fritz Gechter (Sept. 29th), Dr. Brad Bolen (Oct 27th), and Dr. Anthony Tobin (Oct. 20th) will give masterclasses from 2-4PM, Dr Tobin will play more Debussy at a time TBA and Sophia Gilmson will play Bach and Shostakovich October 13th. Be sure to check our Facebook Page for additional updates

Artistic Director Dr. Anthony Tobin is busy preparing his second Debussy film for the premiere in Switzerland in November and December. Pieces from the film and Preludes from Book I will be presented in a recital as he also prepares for a CD of the complete Debussy Preludes, to be recorded in December. Date and time to be announced!


Adam’s Music House had a busy spring! In addition to hosting masterclasses with students from Austin and TAMIU in Laredo we had a Revel performance in January.  Sophia Gilmson gave a wonderful masterclass in April, and our special Debussy 100th Anniversary performance of the Book II Preludes had close to 50 people in attendance March 25th! An encore presentation of Debussy Preludes with Chopin May 27th had more than 30.

We are pleased to announce Enrique Rangel as the first recipient of the Adam’s Music House Fellowship. Enrique, who will graduate from TAMIU in Laredo this Spring, is a student of Dr. Fritz Gechter at TAMIU and Kenneth Thompson of MACSA in San Antonio. For the Fellowship Enrique will learn a 30 minute program of music by Nikolai Medtner, prepare a 30 minute lecture, and present it at Adam’s Music House in December 2018. Dr. Anthony Tobin, Music Director of Adam’s Music House, will coach and direct Enrique in his study and preparation of the performance. In addition to access to the Adam’s Music House archive of scores and books, Enrique will receive $3000 on completion of the project. Thanks to all who auditioned and showed interest in our first fellowship, we will offer more exciting projects in the future!


Sophia Gilmson from UT Austin gave a wonderful master class Saturday April 14th, We had a range of students and repertoire which included the Scriabin Fantasy from a student of Dr. Kiyoshi Tamagawa, the famous Opus 8#12 Scriabin Etude from a student of Dr. Anthony Tobin, Debussy’s Dr. Gradus ad Parnassum, and the Liszt transcription of Mozart’s Requiem played by Enrique Rangel.  Many thanks to Sophia and all who participated!


Thomas Mc Gregor did a nice interview with Dr. Anthony Tobin regarding Debussy and the preparation of Book II of the Preludes:

Dr. Anthony Tobin  performed Book II of the revolutionary Preludes by Claude Debussy. Tobin, a Debussy scholar, has completed a film about Claude Debussy and performed a CD of his works. Sunday’s performance is the 100th anniversary of Debussy’s death in Paris during the German WWI bombing.

Dianne Donovan did a very nice interview with Dr. Anthony Tobin, Artistic Director at Adam’s, Sunday March 18th which will be heard again on KMFA Wednesday March 21st at 9PM. You can listen to the interview in the video below, accompanied by images Anthony Tobin shot in Paris:


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